150+ Top Breakfast Recipes | Indian Breakfast Recipes | Quick Breakfast Recipes
150+ Top Breakfast Recipes

150+ Top Breakfast Recipes

Thinking about what I should cook in the morning or evening, is the biggest unsolved question ever. Don’t you think? Ahh today i am writing about top breakfast recipes for Indians,

Cook the food is pretty easy,  whether you love cooking or not.

Anyways now a days I am not spending more than 15 minutes in the kitchen to cook breakfast for my loving husband. I love cooking but I am not so happy to eat ordinary food daily, so I always search out something interesting food to eat and quick recipe for breakfast and dinner.

150 Breakfast Recipe
Poha Recipe

Well past few months after my marriage I have cooked some delicious and quick breakfast that I will share with my users today.

I hope you will like the top Breakfast Recipes that we have every day. Breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day so it should be healthier and delicious ever.

Let’s check it out what I cook for my husband in the every morning.

Breakfast Recipes

Aloo Poha Recipe

Poha one of the best food and easy to made, I added poha in my quick breakfast recipes. Just because of my husband I tried to cook poha on different styles so he could eat, you can check my post how to make aloo poha easily and other poha recipe.

Idli Recipe

South Indian food is the healthier food and easy to made as well. If you are in hurry and looking for quick recipe for breakfast then must click visit at my quick breakfast recipe page and see the list of best food for breakfast and dinner. Click here to see how to make Idli and other Idli Recipes.

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Bread Upma Recipe

Wow this is so good, even my husband also likes it. You can make bread Upma less than minutes and it was light and delicious breakfast to have. Click here to see how to make bread Upma and other bread recipes.

Cheese Omelet Recipe

First time my husband cooked cheese omelet for me and the taste was amazing, can’t even tell you, you should try and make a cheese omelet for your husband / wife. Let’s have a cheese omelet with cold coffee and it will make your day. Click here to see how to make cheese omelet and other omelet recipe.

Aloo Paratha Recipe

This is the desi Punjabi breakfast, without having paratha punjabi’s can’t even start their day. The same thing happens with my husband, and I will make stuffed aloo paratha once in a week for him with curd. Click here to see how I make aloo paratha.

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Veg Sandwich Recipe

Veg Sandwich easy to made and easy to have it, You can use butter, cheese and other monies to dress up your veg sandwich, click here to see how to make veg sandwich and other sandwich recipes.

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Delicious Maggie

I don’t think so i should share the recipe of maggie, but yes i will share the recipe of fried maggie. Click here to see how to make fried maggie.

Potato Roasted Sandwich Recipe

If you love sandwich but don’t like cheese then you should try out to cook potato roasted sandwich, it will never take more than 10 minutes to cook. Click here to see how to cook potato roasted sandwich and other sandwich recipes.

Veg Omelet Sandwich Recipe

Have you ever eaten veg omelet sandwich? If not then you should it today at home and serve them, who love to eat veg sandwich. click here to see how to make veg omelet sandwich and other omelet recipe.

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Grilled Paneer Tikka Sandwich

Sandwich is the best breakfast idea whether it’s stuffed, roasted or grilled. I always ready to eat sandwich. Click here to see how to make grilled paneer tikka sandwich at home.

Cheese Pasta Recipe

Pasta with cheese!!! hmm it gives me delicious feelings, do you love pasta then do not eat without cheese. Click here to see how to make cheese pasta at home.

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Onion Dosa Recipe

People who don’t like oily food in the morning can have onion dosa in the breakfast. you can easily make onion dosa at home, click here to see how to make onion dosa a home.

Paneer Paratha Recipe

I love to have heavy breakfast, and stuffed paratha just made my day. Click here to see how to make Paneer paratha and other paratha recipes.

Daal Ki Kachori Recipe

Hot n spicy daal ki kachori with aloo ki sabzi, oh i am really feeling damn hungry to write this delicious post. Can’t even wait to tell you that see how to make daal ki kachori at home.

Potato Cheese Balls Recipe

Why only cheese, let’s mix up some other food to make it more crispy. Click here to see quick recipe of potato cheese balls.

Besan Cheela Recipe

Again I love to have cheela and my husband hate to have cheela, but there in no other options. He must have cheela today otherwise i will not give him paratha tomorrow 😀 HAHAHA.. Anyways see how to make besan cheela easily.

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Bread Roll Recipe

Deep fired Bread rolls, I didn’t cook bread rolls, my husband cooked in the weekend. sometime he loves cooking and he usually asked me on weekend that what should i cook for you today? and this is the moment when butterflies runs in my mind stomach everywhere. Click here to see how my husband cook the bread roll for me.

Besan Bread Toast Recipe

I just cooked beasn bread toast in 7 minutes only, It’s good breakfast idea with drink. Click here to see how to make besan bread toast and other bread recipes.

Dahi Alo Puri Recipe

Again this is totally desi and Delicious breakfast, I made simple aloo puri many times but this is the first time i cooked Dahi aloo puri and the taste was really …….. I think you should try and tell me the taste. Click here to see how to make Dahi Aloo puri.

Chole Puri Recipe

Usually people cook Chole puri at their home in the breakfast and dinner as well. I prefer to make chole puri in the weekends only, because chole puri recipe takes some time to cook. Anyways click here to see how i cook chole puri.

Masala Oats Recipe

If you are thinking about dieting then don’t skip your breakfast ever, because breakfast is the important meal ever. Try to include some healthy diet like Masala oats, Cornflakes, fruit shakes, Juice. See how to cook masala oats.

Vegetable Cutlet Recipe

Vegetable cutlets, i know it’s mouth watering breakfast and you really feel hungry, come fast let’s see how to make vegetable cutlets.

Gobhi Paratha Recipe

Again my desi paratha come out, Have gobhi paratha with butter and curd once in a week is really good idea. Click here to see how i make Gobhi paratha for breakfast and other paratha recipes.

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  1. Yum! SO many options to chose from! I love how you had a variety of savory and sweet recipes, it is such a great balance for whatever you may be craving. Great post!


  2. Oh I have tried Idli once! I was lucky enough to attend the recently concluded Holi Festival here my place and I had a great blast.. I was able to try some of the Indian cuisine and one of them is Idli.. i love it so much especially the two type of sauce where I can dip the idli

  3. Wow, these look so yummy! I found your link on bloggers united, thank you for sharing these, a lot of these recipes I never heard of before! They look so yummy though, definitely need to try one of these 🙂

  4. I am practically salivating at the screen right now lol. I love the sound of the grilled paneer tikka sandwich that sounds sounds good x

  5. I would love to sample some of these breakfast recipes. I love sampling food from different cultures and these Indian breakfast choices look really good and filling!

  6. I’m always looking for new and interest breakfast ideas, especially those from different countries. These all look wonderful. Can’t wait to try Onion Dosa and Poha .. yum! x

  7. There are lots of amazing looking recipes. I’ve never heard of most of them. The Aloo Paratha and the Potato Roasted Sandwich sound really good to me.

  8. Everything looks so good, much nicer than my usual bowl of cereals or slice of toast! I love the look of Idli and the bread rolls, they look especially yum.


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