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Home Remedies For Muscle And Joint Pain

Home Remedies For Muscle And Joint Pain

Muscle aches and pains are quite common. Whether from under use or overwork most of us have experienced this discomfort at some point or other. Practically there is muscle at every part of the body, and therefore such pains can be felt anywhere. Although muscle pains are minor occurrences, but at times it can take heavy toll on our overall health and carrying out day to day activities could become a hard task. And there are many medicine for body aches are available in the market. Sometime people ignore and without any doctor consult they used to take medicine for body pain. But muscle and joint pain is a serious matter and we shouldn’t avoid this problem. At my post today I will talk about different pain like lower back muscle pain, back muscle pain, neck pain that people usually suffer in their daily routine. Sometime they consult with doctor and sometime not. But when you don’t have enough time to go then you can do some home remedies for muscle and joint pain at home and get some relax in your busy schedule. There are many people who already knows natural muscle relaxants but they are getting busy in their life and just messed up the daily routine. So no need to get worried and let’s get started home remedies for muscle and joint pain and natural muscle relaxants tips.

How Does Muscle Pain Occur

The discomfort and pains in the muscles often occurs because of hindrance in the proper blood flow in the body. Blood is responsible to carry oxygen to all the areas in the body, and in its absence acidic substances built up which in turn makes causes body aches and pains.

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Causes of Muscle Aches

Do you know the common causes of  muscle and joint pain? Often when you experience muscle pains, you know the cause. It is because in most cases these pains are results of tensions, stress or may be because of some physical activity. Some common causes includes:

• Muscle tensions in the body.
• Too much stress on muscle during some physical exercise or activity.
• Injury to the muscle due to some exercise or physically challenging work.

Muscle pain, medically called myalgia, all of it is not only caused due to stress, tension and physical activity. Some medical conditions are also related to the same:

• Bacterial infections, flu and polio also accounts for it.
• Autoimmune disorders like polymyositis, lupus and dermatomyositis are also responsible.
• Use of certain medications.
• Thyroid problems – hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.
• Condition of low potassium – hypokalaemia.
• Fibromyalgia.

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Home Remedies For Muscle And Joint Pain

1. Food & Nutriton
2. Home remedical Soultion

Easing out muscle aches at home – easy home remedies

It has been noticed that muscle pains responds well to home remedies. Micro tears in the muscles causes muscle soreness and muscular pains. These tears are typically the results of overexertion of the muscle tissues. As we continue doing the physical activities and taking the mentioned home remedies for muscle and joint pain. It makes the muscles in the body rebuilds causing the pain and discomfort to gradually decrease.

Here are some home remedial solutions and foods that have proved to be very helpful against muscle pains and aids recovery from such aches and discomfort and say goodbye to pain:

A. Food and Nutrition

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1. Food rich in protein repairs muscle: foods rich in proteins provide amino acids, the building blocks of muscles and other body tissues. Dietary intake providing adequate supply of protein to the body helps the body repair damaged cells and build new ones, and particularly when we have sore muscles. Lean cooked meat, poultry, fish, dairy products like cheese and milk, beans and eggs are good sources of dietary proteins.


2. foods rich in carbohydrates provides energy: carbs are the main source of energy for the body and producing proteins and repairing damaged muscles and cells require high amount of energy. Carbohydrates also slows down the process of muscle breakdown due to rigorous physical activities. Apart from providing the body with the necessary energy, carbs also keeps the muscles healthy. Whole-grain and low-fat carbohydrates from foods such as whole-wheat bread and pasta, brown rice, legumes, nuts and raw vegetables are sources of good carbs. Rich food as important as Home Remedies For Muscle And Joint Pain. Eat healthy and stay healthy.


3. Flavorful Fatty Acids: inflammation is a significant part of sore muscles. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids helps reduce inflammation – like salmon, flax seeds, avocado, and walnuts. The anti-inflammatory properties of these foods are a great help to reduce pain from those aching muscles after over exertion.


4. Antioxidants in Blueberries: the antioxidant properties of blueberries not only helps prevent muscle damage but also wards off muscle fatigue by removing the free radicals that muscles produce during work outs. Anthocyanin’s the antioxidants found in blueberries helps to protect muscles along the skeletal, like the ones around the ribs.


5. Cherries and Pomegranate: the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of cherries and other fruits like pomegranates, grapes, acai and cranberry helps recover muscle injuries and damages caused due to physical activity just like ibuprofen and aspirin, both non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


6. Ginger rich in inflammation fighting compounds like gingerols, which helps in relief from sore muscles and osteoarthritis. It has also been helpful in relive from strained muscles and aches caused due to injuries and physical activities and also improves blood flow and circulation.


B. Home Remedial Solutions

1. Epsom salts: made of magnesium sulphate, it is a natural muscle relaxant. The magnesium and salt together pulls out fluids from the tissues, thereby reducing swellings. Pour some of the salt in warm water and dip the affected area or use it in bathtub till the water comes down to room temperature. Repeat use for a few days to get relieved from the pain permanently.


2. Cold pack: applying some cold pack on the affected area lessens pain and inflammation by contracting the blood vessels and reduce blood flow to the area. Wrap some ice in a towel and place it on the painful area for some time. Repeat every hour for the first two days for better results.


3. Hydrate and rest: replenishing the body with the water that is lost during physical exercises and activities is vital to keep the muscle relaxed and pain free. Also, soreness in muscle and pain is because of muscle tears which needs rest to heal. Our body produces higher levels of growth hormones when we sleep, thus helping in rebuilding muscles.


Although pain in muscles can happen anytime and anywhere, but being a little extra cautious and planning in ahead can give you complete relieve from such uncomfortable situations. Always have proper food by virtue of planned balanced diet so that you have the right quantity of fuel in your body to keep you moving. When planning meals and recovery snacks, always keep in mind the kind of exercise, the location and the duration of the exercise. Waiting for post remedies often is too late for the recovery process. Avoiding meals like breakfasts are also dangerous for the overall health and muscles of your body. And last but never the least always keep yourself hydrated by having adequate quantity of water throughout the day. Hope you find this article helpful and will share with others as well. Now you know the importance of Home Remedies For Muscle And Joint Pain o keep it in your daily routine and stay healthy.

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