How to Make Onion Juice For Hair Growth, Apply Onion Juice For Hair Growth Tips

How to Make Onion Juice For Hair Growth

Hey People,

Do you know the reasons why you’re losing hair?

Well there are hundred reasons and solutions but I recommended one of the best and natural remedies for hair growth.

And this is onion juice for hair growth

Let’s get started and read out that how to make onion juice for hair growth? Let’s start 🙂 

Whether you are a man or a woman, your hair plays an important role in boosting your overall personality. As per dermatologist, hair loss is a natural thing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your hair. As i said there are many remedies and I am sharing my personal experience about onion juice for hair growth. Your hair is like a jewel of your head, you always try to put on different hair style’s. And for that you start experimenting with your hair by using different shades of colors, scientific treatments and other unnatural products like hair gel and cream.


By using all these unnatural hair growth accessories, you not only take the chance of losing your hair but also its effects in your overall health. There is no argument to say hair loss is a natural process because at some extent during our lives we all suffers from this hair loss tragedy. But this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to give new life to your hair. For hair growth, using a natural remedy is now a common stance of all hair experts. One such natural remedy is “Onion”. Apart from this you can find top 30 natural remedies for hair growth at

Let’s find out some reasons of hair loss first, and tell us which is yours then will tell you the best solution as per the dermatologist recommendations. 

Reasons of Hair Loss

Physical Stress


Too Much Vitamin A

Lack of Protein

Hormones Unbalanced

Emotional Stress



Vitamin B Deficiency

Over styling



Why Onion for hair loss?

Many around us are unknown from the fact that the onion is the most useful remedy for growing your hair naturally. Do you know that onion elements helps in keeping your scalp dandruff-free and hair roots strong. Onion has all the natural ingredients and remedies for hair loss treatment. It is been common these days that people complain about hair loss myself after they applying colors on their hair for years. This is scenario of hair loosing, applying the juice of onion can be very beneficial.

Why Onion for hair Growth?

Onion juice not only helps in boosting your hair strength but also consider as a natural remedy for preventing thinning, falling and graying of hair in future. You may found many products in the market where they claims to have onion ingredients for boosting their sales, this doesn’t mean you should buy that hair growth product. You must look for reviews about that product before purchasing, ask people who may have used that product or ask any hair experts about which hair growth product they recommend or you should use for giving new life to your hair for better growth long shining and natural hair growth.

I don’t like using hair growth products.

Don’t worry, you can easily make onion juice by yourself.

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How to Make Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Homemade Onion Juice is very helpful in strengthening and fasting the process of hair growth.

For making onion juice for hair growth your need

  • 1 onion

  • Honey

  • A blender

  • A strainer

  • A bowl

  • A mixing spoon

  • Measuring spoons

  • Oil of your choice

It’s time for DIY, because now you have all the materials for making onion juice.

DIY Homemade Onion Juice For Hair Growth

  • First thing you should peel the onion
  • Chop and blend an onion using an knife,
  • Then put all the blended pulp in a strainer
  • Use a spoon, press the pulp to extract the juice
  • Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of honey to the onion juice.
  • In the end add a few drops of an oil of your choice, I recommend lavender oil.

Hair loss is indeed a tragedy, but this onion juice remedy can guarantee in preventing hair loss and will be helpful for hair growth.

Benefits Of Onion Juice

  1. It Improves Digestion
  2. Protect Against Allergies
  3. Remedy For Cold And Respiratory Disorder
  4. Maintains Bone Health
  5. Hair Growth
  6. Good For Skin
  7. Reduce Glucose Levels
  8. Cardiovascular Advantages
  9. Fights Cancer
  10. Prevents Oral Infection

I hope you people like this write up and can share your opinion with us below in the comment box. We will definitely help you out to grow your hair faster and healthy. Keep subscribe us for more beauty tips. 

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  1. I love DIY things especially if it’s goodness for your hair! It’s so interesting things affect hair loss and can helps strngth and growth with making something at home ☺️ Great post

  2. What an informative post. Who knew that onion juice can help with hair loss. Once my hair starts to fall out I now have a game plan. Hopefully that won’t be for awhile.


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