Lisa Haydon, & Husband Dino Lalvani Welcome a Baby Boy Together


A while prior, we shared a photograph of Lisa Haydon getting a charge out of some pool time with her super charming child kid, Zach. Furthermore, now, the shadowy model-performing artist has shared yet another lovely photograph, where she’s joined by her 5-month old munchkin. She the mother-child team taking a dunk in the ocean here. Let’s enjoy together to see the photographs of Lisa Haydon with her baby boy. Enjoy.

Lisa Haydon With Her Baby Boy

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A post shared by Lisa Haydon (@lisahaydon) on

A post shared by Lisa Haydon (@lisahaydon) on

First swim lesson … in Greatest discovery- portable/inflatable Labi Baby pool 💦🌊 #5months

A post shared by Lisa Haydon (@lisahaydon) on


A post shared by Lisa Haydon (@lisahaydon) on


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