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Top 10 Crazy Beauty Treatments

I am getting extremely tired from my last trip but it’s true, that this trip gives me full of energy, beautiful memories and best ideas. Anyways, I am still writing my new travelling post and will share by next week till then you can read my new beauty tips. This is not just a simple beauty tricks and tips, it’s more than it. Today I am sharing a post about top 10 crazy beauty treatments. I believe you gonna crazy to find these beauty tips. We all want to look young, beautiful and want to have flawless and ageless skin. But there are some, especially celebrities who take beauty treatments to a whole new level. There are some pretty crazy yet effective beauty treatments out there that are used by people from all over the world. The following are top 10 crazy beauty treatments:

Top 10 Crazy Beauty Treatments

1. Bee Venom Treatment

Bee venom treatment is used for increasing the collagen production, tightening skin, reducing wrinkles and scar, healing acne and for a glowing complexion. This treatment is for people who are not allergic to bee products. Celebrities using this treatment include Kylie Minogue & Michelle Pfeiffer.


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2. Bird Poop Facial

Bird poop facial beauty treatment is a great way to exfoliate the skin by using nightingale droppings. The Bird Poop Facial removes the top layer of the skin and the person getting this treatment has a renewed epidermis. The Bird Poop used in the treatment is sterilized, dried and powdered for use. Celebrities using this treatment include Victoria Beckham.


3. Ceramic Crystals

Another weird beauty treatment is injecting ceramic crystals used in Porcelain in the face to “hold up” the face so that there is collagen production in the face. This is a permanent procedure. Having said that, the changes in the face by aging will make the crystals visible with time and the crystals can be rejected by the body as foreign objects. Celebrities using this treatment include Jerry Hall.


4. Ice Chambers

As the name suggests, people go into Ice Chambers where the temperature is around 130C for three minutes. There is a therapy called Cryotherapy where people are placed in chambers with sub 200 degrees temperatures for a limited time. The concept here is that with low temperature blood does not flow to organs but instead rushes around the body producing serotonin. Celebrities using this treatment include Pamela Anderson.


5. Leech Therapy

Leech therapy beauty treatment involves letting leeches suck the blood on a person’s body. The leech’s saliva has anesthetic and anti-clotting properties and this treatment is used for blood purification and anti-aging. Celebrities using this treatment include Demi Moore and this treatment has been around since ancient Egypt.


6. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling beauty treatment involves taking a teaspoon of oil and swilling it in the mouth for 20 minutes. It is said to improve gum health, remove toxins from the body, whiten teeth and also helps in migraines and hangovers. The oils that can be used include coconut, sesame, tee tree and sunflower oils. Celebrities using this treatment include Shailene Woodley and Gwyneth Paltrow.


7. Placenta Face Mask

A placenta face mask is made using actual human or animal lacenta that is freeze dried and powdered for the mask. It’s facial helps in providing skin with proteins, hydration, gives it a lift making the skin tighter, gives elasticity and also improves collagen production. Celebrities using this treatment include Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Madonna and many other celebrities.


8. Vampire Face Lifts

Vampire Face lifts bizarre treatment includes injecting one’s own blood plasma into the face. Blood improves the collagen production and also gives the face a lift. It’s a long lasting beauty treatment involves the use of multiple injections. Celebrities using this treatment include Kim Kardashian.


9. Vitamin Drips

Vitamin Drips beauty treatment is used to give people a calming effect and extra boost of energy for a few days. It is an expensive treatment that involves infusing high doses of vitamins in the veins for 45 minutes. Celebrities using this treatment include Simon Cowell and Rihanna.


10. Snail Slime

I hope you people like these top 10 crazy beauty treatments. Snail Slime beauty treatment involves letting snails move around on the face leaving their slime behind. It has antioxidants and copper peptides in them that reduce wrinkle and repair damaged skin cells. This treatment is very popular in Japan.


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  1. Omg some of those treatments are really scary, I would never be brave enough to put those creatures on my face or even have the injections. I guess it would not bother some people so it depends on how important it is to get the results I suppose.

  2. Those all look interesting and I have to say that some do sound a bit disgusting. The bee venom seems to work. I tried it in a beauty product and I noticed a difference. I need to try the snail slime next once I find where I put the product.

  3. Oh gosh those bugs on the face give me the creeps. I’ve tried Oil Pulling before but not noticed much difference/improvement. Ice Chambers look interesting!

    Ami xxx

  4. Oh goodness. I would be scared to try any of those. Honestly, I would rather go the traditional methods. But if these treatments above work for you, then, I am happy for you.

  5. Wow! thats an interesting list of treatment, although the leach treatment does sound a little extreme! lol! Oil pull would be something that would be worth a try!


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