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Top 10 TV shows ever from Bollywood

Top 10 TV shows ever from Bollywood

People do you know top 10 tv shows ever from Bollywood. 20’s century people absolutely don’t know about these TV shows, but people who from 19s century will definitely get smiled on their face when they see the list of top 10 tv shows ever from Bollywood. Tv has always been special for the Indian audience. People never forget good Tv serials. So far, Tv has produced many such quality shows which remain in the hearts of the people, as is evident from the fact that we still remember tv serials we used to watch in our childhood. Tv is the best medium for storytelling in a simple manner. Below is a complete list of tv serials which have created a lot of impact in the minds of the Indian viewers-

Let’s get started and check the list of my favorite top 10 TV shows ever. I hope you people enjoyed this post and keep sharing your thoughts and share your show that you like and I missed to mention. Keep enjoying to read and subscribe my blog for a new blog post.

Top 10 TV Shows

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Alif Laila

The exciting stories of Arabian nights, the folk tales inspires us people of all ages, not just children. It is portrayed in a magnificent way holding the imagination of the audience and little children. One of the best fantasy shows ever aired on Indian television.



Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

This was one of the funniest and longest running shows that gave people immense entertainment. Set in the so-called class conflict of Indian audience, everyone remembers this serial, especially the lovely fight between a middle-class daughter in law and a high-society mother in law.


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This was a thriller serial set around the drug business grow in nock and corner of Mumbai. It was inspired by the Hollywood serial the Wire, the American crime drama television series. It was well directed, well-acted and everyone loved it whoever watched it.


Sea Hawks

It is a serial set in the lives of 2 Indian navy officers, portrayed by actors Milind Soman and Madhavan, enjoyed by anyone. Whoever watched it still remember it. Very little we know about the life of Indian navy. It has inspired us to see the actual lives in Indian navy, how much courage, conviction, and sacrifice needed to become a member of the Indian navy.



This is the debut serial of our very own superstar Badshah Shahrukh Khan, it was the story of a Lt. Abhimanyu Rai who were struggling to become a good army officer. One of the best shows ever in the history of Indian television, it teaches you a lot about how to prove yourself a good officer while serving in the Indian army. This serial is known for brilliant acting by Shahrukh Khan and a well-written script.


Captain Vyom

This is the first brush of Indian audience with a science fiction genre. It is very much inspired by Star Trek, an American science fiction television series. The actor, Milind Soman acted as the captain of the team who has entrusted the responsibility of capturing all the dangerous criminals flown from the ‘high-security space prison’.


Special Squad

It is one of the most refined detective show quite popular among the Indian audience. It is popular for the superb acting of its star cast together with excellent direction and background music. You must watch it if you have not watched it before.


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Sarkar Ki Duniya

This is a reality show which portrays the story of a group of individuals who were given the task of living on an abandoned island where they had to manage everything on their own. They were eliminated one by one based on their performances, much like as shown in today’s reality shows. However, it was a single season show and ended, but still fresh in the minds of viewers.


Tujhpe Dil Qurbaan

You can call it the desi version of 24, the Hollywood show on defense. It is all about a special task force of the Indian army which was dedicated to breaking these sleeper cells formed the crux of Tujhpe Dil Qurbaan.


Mahi Way

It is all about an overweight Indian girl called Mahi who is not ready to make any compromise while finding her the right guy. The show is full of events and surprises that really amuses the audience till years to come.

I hope you guys enjoy to read the list of top 10 TV shows ever from Bollywood. Keep subscribe my blog for more entertaining post.


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