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What Women Want In Bed

Sex is an equally pleasurable part of life for women as it is for men. Most women enjoy sex and certainly expect their partners to make it an entertaining and satisfying experience in bed. Sex is not just about a man’s pleasure it is also about his ability to give pleasure to his woman. Most men are at times clueless about what women expect from them in bed. The following are some things that women certainly expect from men and if the men deliver it in bed it leads to a more sensual experience for both. Let’s get stated to read about what women want in bed and other love and sex tips. I hope you will like the content and share your valuable thoughts below in the comment box.

What Women Want In Bed

The Science Of Kissing


Kissing is very important to a woman. Men don’t realize how much a woman just wants to be kissed while in bed. It makes her feel very special as it is an important aspect of sex for a woman. Kissing may not be the on top of the list for men, but sensually kissing your woman will really get her going in bed. Kiss her everywhere, she will love it. Kissing is not overrated for women and creating a sensual bedroom scene with soft lights and music with plenty of kissing really gets a woman in the right mood.

Sexsual Confidence


Be confident in bed. Women love it when their guys are confident and they know what they are doing. Confidence goes a long way with a woman in bed. She likes it when a man takes charge of the situation. Don’t be super macho but definitely when a guy is cool and confident, a woman feels really hot. Some men are not at all confident and are a little intimidated by the woman they are with or her past experience. This is something women do not want in bed.

Ask Her What All She Likes


Women are very shy about what they want in bed. This is common in women all over the world. They will not openly admit to what they want nor will women instruct men in bed to what they want. It is a man’s duty to make a woman feel comfortable and also ask her about her sexual fantasies and what all she likes in bed. This communication will help the couple be more intimate with each other and definitely improve the couple’s sex life. Make the woman comfortable enough to help her express her deep sexual desires without feeling embarrassed.

Dirty Talk


Verbal gratification is important for a woman in bed. She wants to hear sweet nothings in her ear while having sex. Sexy talk in bed is amazing as well as telling the woman how incredibly beautiful she is, is something essential for a man to do in bed. Another aspect of this form of communication in bed is dirty talk. Women love dirty talk. It is an essential part of foreplay and most women love it.

Tips For Undressing


Undressing is a key part of foreplay. Taking each other’s clothes off is a wonderful aspect of this. Women love it when their men undress them. It is not just about the technical aspect of removing their clothes but it is a sexual desire of women to be undressed by their man. So a great tip about what women want is their man doing the work and personally undressing them in bed. Speaking of dressing and undressing, many women also like to bring a little role play into their bedroom. Playing dress-up in bed is a great way to spice up the sex life for a couple. Women love this sort of excitement in bed and the overall experience is very rewarding for the couple in most cases.

Adventurous Sex


In bed, doesn’t always mean “in bed”. Women are more adventurous than men realize. A great tip for men to satisfy women in bed is to not just have sex in bed. Many women like to have sex all over the house which may include shower sex, sex in the bathroom, in the den or in any room of the house. Some women are also open to the idea of sex outside the house. If you know this about your woman, sex can get really adventurous for both of you.

Aggressive Note To Sex

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Women love men who are soft and patient with them. But there are times when women want a bit of harmless aggression in bed. This means sometimes a strong, out of control and aggressive note to sex is actually very pleasurable to a woman when she wants her man to get a little bit more physical and rough in bed. This dominant side of a man is a great turn on for women at times. Again communication is the key here in this situation. You have to know that your woman wants sex on the rough side before you deliver it in that way.

Slow Sex Much Appreciated


Slow Sex. This is very important to women. At times a quickie can be fun, but there are times that a woman really wants the sexual experience to last. The foreplay, the excitement and the deep sensual experience of slow sex is much appreciated by women all over the world.

Oral Sex


Women are very shy about most things in bed. But the most important aspect of sex many women are shy about is oral sex. Many women like oral sex but are too embarrassed to actually request this from their partners. When men make women feel comfortable about their sexual desires, women are more likely to express their desire for oral sex.

Teach Her About Sex


Most women want their men to teach them more about sex. Missionary style can be pleasurable but as mentioned above some women are open to being more adventurous. Try out new sex positions and also teach her all that you know about sex. Predictability makes sex boring. Trying new things with each other in the bedroom helps keep the sex life very exciting and also it is a fun experience for the couple in bed.


Above is a list of some of the things women love sexually in bed. Communication is very important and understanding what a woman wants will make sex more satisfying for men as well as women.

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